Esthetic Centre

Established in 2006, the Genesee Valley Esthetic Centre has become an integral part of the Genesee Valley Dermatology & Laser Centre. Our esthetician, Kristine Brown, offers a variety of services to complement our general dermatology and laser practice.

Esthetic Centre Hours

Monday: 8:30am – 4:15pm
Tuesday: 8:30am – 4:15pm
Wednesday: 8:30am – 4:15pm
Thursday: 8:30am – 4:15pm
Friday: 8:30am – 4:15pm

Appointment Scheduling

At the Genesee Valley Esthetic Centre we do all we can to meet your scheduling needs. To ensure appointment availability please schedule your maintenance appointments with the Esthetician following your procedure.

  • Facial Treatments
  • Products

Facial Treatments

GVEC Signature Facial $70.00

This facial begins with a gentle cleanser that is anti-aging but gentle enough for sensitive or rosacea prone skin. Then a gentle exfoliation is done to reveal smooth glowing skin. A face, neck and shoulder massage with emphasize on relaxation is given. The calming, purifying, hydrating or anti-aging mask is selected by our Esthetician according to your skin care needs. Then a rejuvenating moisturizer and eye cream is applied.

Length: 60 minutes

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial $80.00

This facial features SkinMedica® or Avène products which have specialized ingredients in select products. This facial can be customized to specific skin care types from extremely oily to extremely sensitive. Both of these skin types can be acne prone and can react totally different to a product; that’s why our Esthetician decides which SkinMedica® or Avène products will work best for your individual needs. We start with a cleanse and a very gentle exfoliation followed by extractions. Then either a calming mask or a purifying mask is applied depending on your skin’s reactions to the extraction process.

Length: 60 minutes

Glycolic Facial $90.00

Relaxation and removal of dead skin cells as well as alpha-hydroxy acids (glycolic and ammonium glycolate) and antioxidants make this the perfect facial to help protect against environmental stress and prematurely aged skin. This facial also helps with fine lines and wrinkles. This is all done while you are pampered with a face, neck and shoulder massage.

Length: 60 minutes


SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion™ is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure. The only technology to provide simultaneous exfoliation, evacuation and delivery of condition-specific topicals, SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion™ offers advanced skin care for almost every skin type and condition. SilkPeels® diamond tip hand piece exfoliates damaged skin cells, evenly abrading the top layer of the skin in order to deliver targeted formulations to the epidermis.

Lumixyl SilkPeel® (For hyperpigmentation) – $150.00
Clarifying SilkPeel® (For acne prone skin) – $135.00
Hydrating SilkPeel® (For dry skin) – $135.00
Vitamin C SilkPeel® (For anti-aging, detoxification) – $150.00

Glytone Peels

Glytone not only provides customized treatment concepts for in-office and at-home regimens but it guarantees maximum results for skin rejuvenation through the utilization of the highest free acid values available. The free acid value is the bioavailable value of glycolic acid, and delivers more glycolic acid to the skin to achieve higher efficacy. Glytone also has other acid peels formulated for specific skin types and problems. These peels attack redness, acne and visible signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Glycolic 30%, 50%, 70% Acid Peel
Salicylic 30% Acid Peel
Mandelic 40% Acid Peel
Hand 20% Trichloroactic Acid, 10% Lactic Acid Peel
Jessners Peel
Back Acne Peel

$125.00 Individual Peel, $300.00 for series of 3 Peels

Eye & Lip Peel

$100.00 Individual Peel, $400.00 for series of 5 Peels

Pyruvic Peel

$165.00 Individual Peel, $465.00 for series of 3 Peels

Spray Tanning

You’ll be amazed at the results. Our spray tanning system is designed to create the most natural looking tan for all skin types. The solution we use has an olive color base which negates any orange coloration to the skin. Spray tanning is the most effective alternative for a healthy, natural looking tan without the harmful UV exposure.

SkinMedica® Vitalize Peel

This is SkinMedica’s most popular chemical peel. It is suitable for all skin types and produces predictable and noticeable results after just one peel. The Vitalize Peel is indicated for mild to moderate skin conditions including sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scarring and melasma.

Single Peel – $125.00
Package of 3 Peels – $300.00
Package of 6 Peels – $540.00

SkinMedica® Rejuvenize Peel

This is the deepest of the SkinMedica peels. It penetrates into the skin to produce significant results with minimal irritation. The Rejuvenize Peel is indicated for moderate to severe skin conditions including sun damage, lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scarring and melasma.

Single Peel – $165.00
Package of 3 Peels – $465.00
Package of 6 Peels- $900.00


Using the Mega Peel machine, this is a non-invasive, chemical free procedure that gives the skin a softer, more even texture. It uses a fine mist of crystals in combination with vacuum suction to remove the dead outer layer of skin. The procedure is pain free. Requiring less than 30 minutes, patients can return to work immediately. It is ideal for treating a variety of concerns including sun damage, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores.

Single Microdermabrasion – $125.00
Package of 3 Microdermabrasions – $300.00

Facial Waxing

Eyebrows – $16.00
Sideburns – $15.00
Upper Lip – $14.00
Chin – $14.00

Skin Care Consultation – $15.00

Our consultation is complimentary with the purchase of products.

Makeup Application – $35.00

Whether it’s everyday makeup or camouflage for post-laser procedures, let our Esthetician show you the proper techniques to leave you looking your best.


SkinMedica® Skin Care

The building block of this product line begins with the TNS Essential Serum which will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and diminish the appearance of age spots and firms skin texture. Please stop in to see what SkinMedica® products GVEC has available.

Eau Thermale Avène Skin Care

A full range of skin care products dedicated to sensitive skin. Formulated with Avène Thermal Spring Water which is bottled directly from the source of the spring, the Avène Skin Care brand addresses the needs of all types of sensitive skin.

Glytone Skin Care

This physicians-only product line is the only skin care line that provides a customized step approach formulated with the highest free acid values available. Free acid values are the bioavailable value of glycolic acid, and delivers more glycolic acid to the skin to achieve higher efficacy. Glytone’s free acid values work synergistically to maximize product efficacy and skin tolerability, giving you visible, long lasting results.

Obagi® Medical

Specifically formulated for sensitive skin, this gentle regimen contains clinically proven ingredients to help improve the appearance of prematurely aged skin with an exclusive combination of natural, plant-based growth factors.


CeraVe® is the first brand to contain the essential ceramides, cholesterol and fatty esters that healthy skin needs, delivered through patented controlled-release MVE® system over 24 hours. The daily regimen of cleansers and moisturizers helps repair, replenish and protect the skin barrier to leave your skin looking and feeling soft, clean and healthy.

Sunless Tanners

Sunless Tanners are an alternative for those customers who want to deepen and darken their natural skin tones safely. We have sunless tanners for the body as well as the face. We carry Quick Tan Lotion in medium and dark and a Quick Tan Bronzing Spray. We also carry M.D. Face and a flawless facial self-tanning spray. These self-tanners last about five to seven days and offer a way to stay safe from the sun but still have that sun kissed glow.

Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up

Jane Iredale products are based on micronized minerals and are made without fillers, binders, chemical dyes or preservatives. This product line has been sensitivity tested and is non-comedogenic. The Jane Iredale products have everything you need in a cosmetic line.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen!

No skin care regimen is complete without sunscreen. We carry a wide variety of sunscreens; Neutrogena Lotion and Spray with a range of SPF’s, Blue Lizard, Elta MD and Avène Mineral Face, Colorescience Mineral Powders SPF 30 or 50 and Avène Tinted Cream Compact SPF 50.

Excipial Hand Cream

This product was specifically developed for the needs of dry and very dry skin. Genesee Valley Dermatology & Laser Centre carries Excipial Rapid Repair, Daily Protection and 20% Urea Intensive Healing Hand Cream.